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Need To Address A Tax Issue?

Tax matters can be complex, and getting on the wrong side of state or federal tax agencies can be a serious and costly problem. Bringing in a trusted tax law attorney can be beneficial, saving you stress, time and even money.

A Team Approach From A Knowledgeable Tax Law Attorney

I am Paul N. Ambrose Jr., a lawyer with more than 30 years of experience addressing taxation matters in Hackensack and statewide. I represent businesses and individuals before the IRS, Division of Taxation of New Jersey and Department of Labor. Because I possess an MBA in accounting, I am uniquely positioned to address these matters, and I handle them personally. When appropriate, though, I assemble a team that may include accountants, former IRS agents and other specialists to assist in avoiding or minimizing tax exposure.

Tax Controversies

Have you been contacted by the IRS or the state about any of the following?

Whatever the case may be, you can benefit from getting me involved as soon as possible. I have a long-standing record of working with taxing authorities to achieve positive resolutions in a timely manner. I will help you move forward.

Business Taxes

Business owners have a wide range of tax obligations, from business income taxes to sales taxes to payroll taxes. I provide guidance to businesses that want to understand their tax obligations and put systems in place to ensure that those obligations are met. When a business is threatened with an audit or encounters a tax controversy, I can help work with the tax agent to reach a resolution that does not bring the business to a halt.

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