Franchise and Distributorship Attorneys in New York & New Jersey

I have extensive experience with all areas of franchise and distributorship including litigation and dispute resolution, representing both franchisors and franchisees and distributors and distributees. Whether negotiating a franchise agreement, litigating a distributor termination, or drawing up franchise business plans, I can provide you with professional services in this highly technical area of law.

I have dealt with both transactions and litigation involving franchise law, and our diverse experience allows us to bring a unique perspective to every case. My experience in handling franchise/distributorship issues involving:

  • Fast food chains
    • Convenience stores
  • Gasoline/oil companies
  • Motor vehicle dealerships
  • Hotel chains
  • Real estate ventures
    • Recreation facilities
    • Retail enterprises
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Opticals
  • Other services

My broad experience in this area will allow us to represent you effectively in any kind of franchise transaction or litigation. The law firm has dealt in all areas of franchise law, including:

  • Franchise planning, including thorough franchise disclosure document review and preparation, financing, franchise contract review and more
  • Franchise contracts, including drafting, reviewing and negotiating master franchise agreements, marketing agreements, distribution agreements and other contracts involving the franchise.
  • Franchise and Distributorship Law
    • Franchise transactions, including the formation, purchase, sale, acquisition or expansion of a franchise operation
  • Franchise disputes and litigation, including representation of the franchisor or the franchisee in complex franchise litigation and business litigation
    • Other franchise law issues, including franchise regulatory compliance, franchise termination and more

Oil and Gas Company Franchises/Distributorships

I am proficient in retail gasoline station franchises/distributorships.  I have represented numerous retail motor oil dealers in both litigation and in the sale and purchase of gasoline service stations. The applicable laws and regulations in this area are very complex, controlled by both the Federal Petroleum Marketing Practices Act and the New Jersey Franchise Practices Act. You need legal advice from an attorney who is familiar with these statutes and the underlying case law. I bring this experience and background to every transaction.

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To set up an appointment with one of our experienced lawyers, contact us online or call 201-957-1095. My firm is large enough to handle large-scale franchise or distributorship matters, and we are small enough to give each client the close, personalized service. We assist small business owners and major franchisers throughout New Jersey and the Metropolitan New York area.

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