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Legal Support For Franchisees

Franchises can be lucrative. However, the path to success for a franchise may not be as easy as it seems on the surface. Franchisees have to address the same issues that other business owners face, but also have to deal with issues unique to franchises. That is why it is critical to work with an attorney who has a proven history in the field of franchise law.

I am attorney Paul N. Ambrose Jr. My 30-plus years of practicing commercial law include substantial experience representing franchisees in Hackensack and throughout New Jersey. I am available to represent owners and prospective owners of restaurant franchises such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Five Guys and Subway, as well as franchises in other industries.

Buying A Franchise

Whether you have already decided what franchise you would like to own or you would like assistance choosing a franchise, I can help you get started. I can help you review and understand franchise documents such as the franchise agreement, assess whether they meet your needs and negotiate terms where possible. I can also help with all matters related to starting a business, from entity formation to securing a storefront.

Running A Franchise

I assist with all of the legal matters that can arise during the lifetime of a franchise, handling them on a one-by-one basis or serving as outside general counsel. This includes handling all contracts and addressing transactional and tax matters.

Resolving Franchise Disputes

I am committed to effective resolution of franchise litigation. Whether you are in a dispute with an outside party or a franchiser over breach of contract, allegations of failing to adhere to the franchise agreement or any other matter, I am committed to guiding you toward a positive resolution. I have a proven record of resolving business disputes through negotiation or trial, as appropriate.

Talk To An Experienced Lawyer For Free

Be aware that there are franchise coaches or consultants offering free services. Some are tied to specific franchises and may have ulterior motives. Instead, you should speak with an independent lawyer who has experience in franchise law. I offer free consultations. I welcome you to call 201-442-2730 or email me to set up a meeting.