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What Does It Take For A Business To Succeed?

When you think about what it takes to make a business succeed, what comes to mind? An innovative idea? A solid plan? An energetic and hardworking team?

All of these are important, of course. But what about the legal issues and how they are addressed?

I am Paul N. Ambrose Jr., a lawyer with a proven reputation for trust and skill in facilitating the success of businesses. I have more than 30 years of experience to draw upon in helping you achieve your goals.

Call 201-442-2730 to arrange a confidential consultation. From my office in Hackensack, I serve clients throughout New Jersey.

Personal Care From A Dedicated Business Law Attorney

Often, a few key factors truly make or break a business. These include the choice of entity, the wording of contracts, the handling of transactions and how you resolve internal or external disputes.

As an experienced and trusted business law attorney, my approach is hands-on. I will take the time to get to know your business and your goals. How do you define success? Only when I know the answer to that question can I help you achieve it. Throughout the process, you will find me available, accessible and ready to help.

What Type Of Business Law Assistance Do You Need?

My business law services are available to small businesses, family businesses, professional practices, franchisees and more. I have represented accountants, insurance agents, restaurateurs, gas station owners and more. My services are comprehensive and include:

  • Providing general outside counsel services
  • Forming businesses and choosing the right entity
  • Drafting, negotiating and reviewing contracts
  • Purchasing, leasing and selling commercial real estate
  • Addressing business tax matters
  • Resolving business disputes

I have extensive experience helping franchisees with all matters related to franchising, from choosing a franchise to reviewing franchise documents to buying a franchise to addressing disputes with franchisers or other parties.

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