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Common mistakes new franchisees make

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2018 | Franchise Law |

Singing a contract to become a new franchise owner can be an exhilarating experience that could offer many benefits if you have the right conditions. Many have often seen decades of success, but the less fortunate ones could see their efforts fall apart within a couple of years.

Owning a franchise is a delicate process that can fall apart even with the simplest of mistakes. New Jersey franchisees need to prepare themselves thoroughly before signing a contract to become a new owner of an establishment.

Rushing through the contract

It is understandable why many desiring New Jersey franchise owners want to sign their agreements and get to work as quickly as possible. Maybe the company is experiencing unrivaled success and you think there is no better time to join them. Perhaps they do not have an establishment in Hackensack. If the franchise has the potential and the businessman handling the contract seems like a nice person, what can go wrong?

Fair and standard contracts are not common practices these days, and the company will likely place their best interests over yours when designing the agreement. The businessman might seem like a kind individual promising you a glorious opportunity, but it can be part of their job to lure you into a false sense of security. If they try to get you to sign it quickly, that is even more reason to be suspicious. Read the contract as carefully as you can so you will spot areas that you find disagreeable.

Choosing the wrong location

Finding the right place can be crucial towards your franchise’s success. It can be a difficult process determining which setting will be more beneficial for your establishment. Popular areas can have expensive rent and might have your competition nearby, but they can bring in a large amount of customers. Obscure areas have cheaper rent, but you have to put a lot of effort into bringing guests into your location.

You need to know how profitable the company is and what demographics it attracts. Even if you move to a less popular area in New Jersey, you can still see success by appealing to the local community’s interests.

Not researching the company’s past

If you plan on owning a franchise for a large corporation, then there is little excuse for you to contact current or past franchisees and ask about their experience with the company. Try to find people working in New Jersey or in a similar community to the one you plan on creating a franchise in.

Ask what they like or dislike about it and their interactions with the company’s higher-ups. It can help you develop new strategies for when you are ready to own a franchise or warn you to look elsewhere. You should also research the company’s past online to see its success rates and any potential controversies that you might have to deal with in today’s standards.

If you have a suspicious contract or you are unsure of your franchising decisions, you should seek legal assistance from an attorney that has experience in franchise law to help set you on the right path.